Intellectual Collaboration

Published On :30-06-2020

Human evolution and expansion has originated and progressed through collaborative growth. While today we stand separated in nations, faith, colour, language, culture and what you may, we ultimately are the product of nature without distinction in our intellectual potential. Today, as we face one of histories largest pandemics we are only poised to win through collaboration. No nation, race, language or culture is greater than the other. Neither should one promote such divisive ideologies which shall surely be shunned down by generations to come. Imagine the amount of R&D being put it in by the Pharmaceutical companies to come up with cures and vaccines for the pandemic on one hand and then look at the hateful messages spread against a particular nation or race for being responsible for the spread of the disease. One might argue that the Pharma companies are in it for the money. Sure, but they are the only hope, aren't they? And what about the magnitude, pace and urgency with which they are racing at finding the cure for the entire humanity. An employee at a pharmaceutical company does not care about the ethnicity, race or nationality of the patient the medicine is going to cure. And thanks to technology and trade, we should be able to see the light of day soon. No human is an island, and no nation can survive on it's own prowess in today's era where intellectual collaboration is an inevitable tool for striving, thriving and for posterity. History has been proof that rulers and governments who have promoted self reliance without collaborative growth have eventually turned dictatorial in their governance style. It's only logical for us keep an eye out for such propaganda and raise our voices before we descend into a tyrannical regime and pay the price with the future of an entire generation, if not more.