A Complete Infringement Management Solution

COPYKITTEN offers the most meticulously crafted dynamic infringement database, exclusively customized to protect your Intellectual Property. Our CopyKitten network searches for potential infringements of your IP and presents to you actionable information enabling you to take immediate corrective steps to safeguard your IP.

Tailor-made Dashboard
for your Brand's Needs.

Get access to Active & Exclusive infringement
database represented in the most
comprehendible format enabling you to
create/strategize your IP Protection programs.

Verified Leads
by our IP Experts

CopyKitten's unique and proven verification system ensures
every lead provided is guaranteed to be actionable with
confirmed presence and intent of infringement.

Qualitative, Quantitative
& Geographic Analysis

We believe it's not just about data; it is about how
data is processed into information. With analyzed
data, you will be able to understand how the
trend will affect your Brand in the future.

View Reports with
just a click

One click investigation report integrated with dashboard. Get
an overview of the extent of infringement per entity, before
opting for a consultation or a detailed investigation